Mizzou's Plant Diagnostic Clinic

The University of Missouri Plant Diagnostic Clinic (PDC) has been serving Missouri since 1965. They assist county Extension Specialists, commercial businesses and private citizens with their pest problems. The PDC is capable of plant disease diagnosis (including turfgrass), identification of unknown plants and insects (including arachnids). Besides clinic staff, a diverse group of Plant Sciences faculty specializing in agronomy, entomology, horticulture, or plant pathology assist with identification of pests as needed. The clinic is open year round to receive samples. Useful information about submitting samples can be found on the website.

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The Plant Diagnostic Clinic provides identification and management
solutions in a written report for:

Plant Disease
Turfgrass Disease
Plant/Weed Species
Insect/Mite Species

Also find information on Pesticide usage here.


For more information visit the Lab's website here.