The MoTOC Mission

The Missouri Turf & Ornamental Council (MoTOC) is a non-profit organization of allied associations designed to provide a unified voice for leadership, professionalism and ethics, uncompromising quality, and support to the various, inter-disciplinary businesses of Missouri's green industry. MoTOC is dedicated to the promotion and support of research, teaching, and extension programs related to the management of turfgrass & ornamental plants at universities, colleges, junior colleges and tech schools within the State of Missouri. MoTOC will provide avenues to disseminate information, improve turfgrass & ornamental knowledge, and develop primary resources accessible by all members of the green industry. MoTOC is governed to improve and enhance individual and collective efficiency and public perception of the membership through education of the general public as to the value of the green industry to promote a safer and cleaner environment.

Board of Directors

Gabe Huffington
City of Columbia Parks and Recreation
(573) 353-0161
[email protected]
Vice President
Mike Luedtke
(314) 581-0058
[email protected]

Vice President
Melvin Waldron, CGCS
Horton Smith Golf Course, City of Springfield
(417) 891-1638
[email protected]
Rich Moffit
Moffitt and Associates, LLC
(314) 920-1801
[email protected]
Tim Burch
St. Louis Country Club
(314) 994-1006
[email protected]
Jim Innes
Columbia College
(573) 875-7225
[email protected]
Mike Krone
Missouri Baptist University
(314) 882-5101
[email protected]
Bill Ruppert
National Nursery Products
(314) 966-0253
[email protected]
Keith Schweiger
Top Care, Inc
(314) 574-9207
[email protected]
Kenton Binkholder
Poehlmann's Lawn & Landscape
(314) 605-4601
[email protected]


Dennis deJong
St. Charles County Parks and Recreation
(636) 949-7535
[email protected]
Brad Fresenburg
University of Missouri
(573) 268-2545
[email protected]
Lee Miller
University of Missouri
(573) 882-5623
[email protected]
Mike Munie
Perfect Play Fields & Links
(618) 234-7888
[email protected]
Xi Xiong
University of Missouri
(573) 882-1824
[email protected]
David Trinklein
University of Missouri
(573) 882-9631
[email protected]
  Steve Millett
The Plant Doctor, LLC
(314) 506-4533
[email protected]

Executive Director

Jeffrey Beeson
MoTOC Executive Director
(816) 294-1901
[email protected]